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Student Travel Forms

The following list of student travel forms must be completed for approved individual student, student university sponsored group, or student organization travel as indicated in Student Travel Procedures 13.04.99.C1.01.  This applies to all student travel that is organized, sponsored and/or funded by the University or by an organization properly registered at the University.  Students traveling on behalf of the University must obtain prior approval from the appropriate department. This applies to travel by any mode of transportation.

Student Travel Checklist and Instructions

Approved Travel Request (TR via eTravel/Concur, if applicable)

Trip Itinerary

List of Participants

Waiver - Indemnification Form

Emergency Information Form

Driver's Record Request

Driver Release Form

Incident/Accident Report Form


Other Forms:


For foreign travel include the following forms:

Note: Faculty, staff, and students are required to take the International Travel Safety: Safe Passage Presentation, Course Number 2111728 and Export Controls & Embargo Training – Basic Course, Course Number 2111212.  This presentation provides safety and awareness education for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi employees and students while traveling overseas.  Faculty and staff can access this presentation through HR Connect Single Sign-On. Students will have access to the presentation through the Environmental Health & Safety website.

International Travel to Extreme Risk Countries - Current Requirements

International Travel Questionnaire for Extreme Risk Countries